Tube Furnace ( Horizontal ) upto 1600°C

Tube Furnace ( Horizontal ) upto 1600°C


  • High Quality MoSi2 1800 Grade Heating Elements Vertically suspended for 1700 °C Furnaces & Matched Set of Silicon Carbide Heating Elements Horizontally mounted on the Heating cavity for 1400 °C Furnaces
  • Low thermal mass Refractory Fiber Insulation backed by low heat capacity refractory and Fibrous insulations of different grades
  • Single zone design and Temperature uniformity is ±5°C within zone.
  • Provided with Gas-tight End-Seals with O-Rings and integral gas inlet /outlet metallic Pipes
  • Removable Refractory Plugs to snugly go inside the Tube bore to store the Temperature inside the Tube.
  • Dual Shell with Fan cooling to ensure low Skin temperature.
  • Thyristorised Circuitry with adjustable Current limit and Soft-Start features for maximum protection to Heating Elements and for simple control of heat-up rate.
  • Air Cooled Step Down Transformer/s having minimum 3 Nos. Input Step Change facility for desired Secondary Voltage
  • Micro-processor based Digital PID Temperature Controller / Programmer with Pt/Rh Thermocouple (Type ‘B’ or ‘LJ’) in pure Alumina Sheath.
  • Digital Over-Temperature Protector with ensure overall safety.
  • Vacuum arrangement upto 10-2 mbar with digital indicator is also available
  • Flow meter for Different Gas Purging / Mixing arrangement is also available.
  • PC Interface for On –line Date Acquisition / Storage Graph / Table also available (Optional)


  • Temperature Control Accuracy within ±1°C of set point.
  • Temperature uniformity within ± 5°C near T'max with soaking.
  • Temperature uniformity is ±5°C within zone.
  • Carefully Engineered for rugged use and easy maintenance.
  • Easy Installation and Hassle Free Operation


  • Idle for Purification, Coating, Hardening or Ageing, Calcinations, Sintering, Synthesis of Samples.
  • Idle for Research Work


  • Welded angle-iron frame Platform model construction in two sections with HammerTone painted Sheet-metal Paneling.
  • Top section of sheet metal construction comprises the Heating Cavity assembly with Refractory Tube, mounted with its axis Horizontal
  • Base Frame of welded angle-iron frame houses the Transformer/s complex with electrical gearing thereby needing lesser floor area.


T' Max
Tube Size (mm.)
Hot Zone
i/d o/d L
40T 4Y 50 60 800 200
40T 7Y 75 85 1000 250
60T 4 50 60 800 200
60T 7 75 85 1000 250