FURNACES with KANTHAL SUPER Heating Elements :
  • CHAMBER types, 1600C, 1700C & 1800C, up to 96 liters
  • RAISING-HEARTH types, 1600C & 1700C, up to 20 liters
  • FAST-HEATING types, 1600C & 1700C up to 6 liters
  • TUBE (horizontal) types, 1600C & 1700C, up to 100mm bore
FURNACES with Silicon Carbide Heating Elements :
  • CHAMBER types, 1450C/1500C, up to 96 liters
  • RAISING-HEARTH types, 1450C, up to 12 liters
  • FAST-HEATING types, 1400C, up to 12 liters
EQUIPMENT for Testing of Refractories :
  • Hot Modulus of Rupture Tester (3-Point Bending), 1500C
  • Permanent Linear Change after Re-heating, up to 1800C
  • Spalling Resistance Test (Water Quench method), at 1300C
  • Spalling Resistance Test (Air Quenching) up to 1600C
  • Thermal Expansion Apparatus (Dilatometer), 1150C
  • H. M. O. R. Tester (4-Point) for high strength materials, 1450C
  • Differential Thermal Analysis Apparatus, 1200C & 1500C
  • Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis Apparatus up to 1200C
  • Tubular Furnace up to 1600C for measuring Coal Ash Fusion Temperature
  • Thermocouple (Multiple) Calibration Furnace up to 1600C
PRODUCTS under Development
  • Thermal Conductivity Tester (Parallel Hot Wire method) up to 1250C as per IS:1528(Part 16)-1991(Method-I)
Equipment are designed to meet the parameters specified in the Specifications in the concerned Standards.

Design & fabrication of special purpose Furnaces & Equipment can also be undertaken
  • Installation & Commissioning undertaken
  • Supply of Spares is ensured
  • After-sales Services, viz. Repairs rendered from Kolkata
  • Calibration Certificates for temperature & load indicating Instruments with supporting Traceability Documents, are issued.